Terms and Conditions

About Us
Kiwi Mojo are New Zealand’s only supplier of spiritual goods and services to practitioners of the African Diaspora religions and folk magical traditions.  We are based in Palmerston North, New Zealand; but we ship worldwide, and cater to many people of diverse beliefs and practices.  Our mission is to make quality spiritual supplies available to our fellow New Zealanders, to our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region, and our friends around the world.

Our Products
Products which bear the Kiwi Mojo brand are made on site by Houngan Liam, Houngan Alistair, and Mache Cherche.  We work using traditional methods and recipes, and with the highest quality ingredients available to us.  If it is possible to do so, we prefer to use organic and locally sourced ingredients.  If we are unable to do so, we use the best quality ingredients available to us.  All Kiwi Mojo products which are made for a specific condition have been prayed over by an experienced rootworker and/or priest of Haitian Vodou.

Other products we stock cannot be created by us, but are staples of all spiritual supply houses and are needed by their customers.  In this case, we source the best and most traditional products in order to be able to supply our own customers with authentic and high quality spiritual goods.

We are committed to upholding the image of a clean green New Zealand, and we are passionate about taking care of the earth which supplies us with the herbs and roots we need.  We use eco-friendly bases for our products, and we source organic essential oils and botanical materials whenever it is possible for us to do so.  We also use recyclable packaging: reusable glass jars and bottles, paper labels, and recyclable plastic (which we prefer to avoid if possible.)  The packaging material used to ship our products is recycled where possible, and all packaging material used is recyclable.  We buy locally when we are able to do so, and choose to support New Zealand businesses to keep our carbon miles down.  We have very little waste, and are committed to pursuing further sustainable policies in the future.

We ship just about everywhere in the world, and we make every effort to keep our shipping costs reasonable.  Some of our international customers may find our shipping costs to be higher than what they’re used to: this is because we’re located on the bottom of the world and it costs more to ship your items to you.  Our shipping costs are determined by weight, and are automatically calculated based on current New Zealand Post rates.  We do everything we can to reduce our shipping costs, including using recycled packaging wherever possible.

New Zealand customers will have their items shipped by courier, and will be contacted with tracking details.  International customers will receive a New Zealand Post identification number.  This is proof your parcel has been sent, but cannot be used for tracking purposes.

We are responsible for safely and securely packaging your purchase, filling out any applicable customs declarations, and shipping your purchase to you in a timely manner.  We are not responsible for knowing the import laws and biosecurity concerns of our customers countries of residence, and we take no responsibility for items seized at the border.  We are also not responsible for any additional fees or duty which may be incurred as a result of importing our products.  We are not responsible for any breakages which occur during transit, nor are we responsible for packages which go missing during transit.  Both our courier company for domestic orders and New Zealand Post for international orders insure any packages sent, and we will do everything in our power to assist with the process of claiming for a lost or damaged parcel.

As our postage costs are calculated automatically, there will be times when the costs of posting an item are lower than the amount of postage paid.  If this situation occurs, we will rectify the situation.  For overpayment for postage of less than $5(New Zealand Dollars), we will provide goods to the value.  For overpayment of postage of over $5(New Zealand Dollars) we will provide store credit or a refund at our discretion.

As a New Zealand company, we are obligated to comply with the Consumer Guarantees Act.  This means that goods we supply must:

  • Be of acceptable quality.
  • Match the description and images given in the online store (where possible: botanical curios and similar items will display variation)
  • Be owned by the consumer, once purchased.
  • Be shipped within a reasonable time

And services we supply must:

  • Be performed with reasonable care and skill.
  • Be completed within a reasonable time.

Under the terms of the Act, if goods or services do not meet these conditions we must rectify the issue.  Under New Zealand law, this means that we will repair, exchange, or refund the item at our discretion.  We are not responsible for the costs involved in shipping an item to us for repair or replacement, but we will meet any costs involved in shipping repaired or replacement items to you.

These legal requirements are the same as those provided by PayPal’s Buyer Protection policy.  As PayPal allows for a dispute to be opened within 45 days of receipt of item, we do ask that our customers contact us first with any problems or concerns.  We will meet our obligations under the Act, and work with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.  If we area unable to do so, we respect the rights of our customers to pursue a resolution through Buyer Protection; however we will also exercise our right as a business to put forward our own position, including any prior correspondence.

Special Policies for Readings
If you’ve booked an appointment for a reading with us, we expect you to be on time for that appointment.  We set aside a specific time for your reading, and if you are more than 15 minutes late we will need to reschedule.  This applies to in readings to be performed in person, by phone, or via an internet telecommunication service.  If you would like your reading performed over the phone, you are responsible for calling us.  Any fees incurred for distance calling or other phone charges are your responsibility.  If your reading is via an internet service, you will receive the information you need to connect with your reader in an email addressed to the email address you supply us with.  If we need to reschedule your reading for any reason, we will contact you as soon as we can to arrange this with you.  Again, this contact will be via the email address you supply us with.

If we are unable to contact you regarding your reading and/or you are persistently late or don’t show up to your appointment, we will not refund your fee unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Any refunds will be at our discretion, and we may require specific information from you in order to ensure a refund is possible.  This is applicable to email readings too: sometimes we will need to request additional information in order to proceed with an emailed reading, at other times we may need to talk to you in person and will attempt to arrange this via email.  We will make every effort to contact you, and will email you at least twice and possibly more should this be the case.  If we receive no response, we will be unable to proceed with the reading.

All contact we have with you regarding your reading will be based upon the information you supply to us on the booking page.  The email field is required, and we will use this email address as the primary form of contact for you.  If there is an alternative email used for your PayPal account, we may use this email address to attempt to contact you should you not respond to the other.  We will only do this if we are unable to contact you via your supplied email, only in relation to this service, and only in accordance with our privacy policy as outlined below.  If you are a New Zealand resident, we may attempt to contact you by phone or text message if you have supplied us with a contact phone number.  Again, we will only do this in relation to this service, and only in accordance with our privacy policy as outlined below.  We will not attempt to contact international customers by phone.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact details are correct, that you respond to our communication, and are on time for your appointment.  We will take all reasonable steps to provide you with the service you have booked and paid for, but if no contact occurs we are unable to do so.

Wholesale Accounts
We offer wholesale pricing to businesses who wish to stock our products.  In order to qualify for a wholesale account, you must either be a retail business or a practicing spiritual worker who buys in large volume.  You will need to complete this form, and we will contact you afterwards to discuss your application.

Privacy Policy
When you sign up for an account with our store, we are only able to access the information which you provide to us.  This is kept securely in our database, and WILL NEVER be sold or passed on to any third parties.  We use your information solely for the purpose of fulfilling your order.  Our store operates through WooCommerce, and their privacy and security information is available to read here.  Our credit card payment gateway operates through PayPal, and we do not see or retain any of our customer’s credit card information.

When you book a reading with us, you will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth, place of birth, and current place of residence.  If you choose to have your reading performed by email rather than in person, you will be asked to provide a recent photograph of yourself.  This is for the sole purpose of identifying you for the reading.  If you intend to hire us to perform magical work or you intend to receive additional readings from us in the future, you may ask us to retain your information for that purpose in our secure database.  Otherwise, your information will be deleted at the conclusion of your reading.

Site Security
Our site is protected by SSL encryption, the industry standard for data encryption and transmission.  You will notice the site is secure, as as padlock icon appears to the left of the URL in your browser’s address bar.  A secure server is used for all form submissions.  All credit card payments are handled by PayPal, the industry leader in online payments.  We are committed to ensuring our site and all plug-ins are up to date, and that our site security is active and up to date at all times.