Free Downloads

This is an archive of documents and other resources that are downloadable by you, for free, for your personal use.  You are even welcome to share, provided you credit Kiwi Mojo.  These are resources for you to keep, and are a service we are providing the wider Vodou, Santeria/Lukumi, hoodoo/conjure, and other African Traditional Religious communities.  They will always be free, they are our gift to you.

.pdf Files

Novena and Prayers to Saint Anthony of Padua.
The traditional novena, as well as a collection of prayers including the Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony.

Novena and Prayers to Saint Clare of Assisi
Two different novenas to Saint Clare, prayers to Saint Clare, and advice on prayer taken from the letters of Saint Clare.

Novena and Prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel
Two different novenas to Saint Michael, and assorted prayers including the famous Prayer to Saint Michael.

Novena and Prayers to Saint Joseph
Novena, litany, and prayers to Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus.  Includes the Ancient Prayer to Saint Joseph.

St Jude Novena Sheet
An A4 printable sheet with St Jude’s novena, to be distributed once a request has been granted by the saint.  Four copies per sheet, full colour.

Image Files

Thank You Saint Anthony: an image to post publicly to thank Saint Anthony when he has helped you.