2013 Reading of the Year

There are strong influences that are at work this year, and the lwa are with us strongly as we step forward into 2013.  There is an acknowledgement from the Spirits that 2012 was a difficult year all around, that many have suffered through this last year, and there is a promise from them, that although not all the suffering is over, that there is certainly much more to be see as positive in the year ahead than there was last year.

This year, two lwa in particular show their leadership over the year and their support throughout it.  Met Agwe Tawoyo is pivotal this year, and offerings should be made to him and La Sirene at the sea side to employ their favour.  While the weather is still beautiful, take a small basket and decorate it in blue and white.  Line it with satin and ribbons and make it beautiful.  In the centre of this basket lay a bottle of white wine for Met Agwe.  Cut up watery fruits, such as watermelon, rock melon, paw paw, and other other melons and put them in the basket.  Find a small cake decorated in nautical themes with blue and white icing and place a piece of this into the basket as well.  Finally take some white flowers and decorate the basket with these.  Take the entire offering to the beach, and there iight a white and blue candle.  Sing songs to La Sirene and Met Agwe if you know them, and if not, just speak to them from the heart, make this simple offering asking for a blessed year from Met Agwe, and if you like you can write him a letter to include with the basket.  When you arae done talking, carry the basket out into the sea, as far as you can, and then set it adrift out for Met Agwe and La Sirene.

While Met Agwe is the primary lwa walking with us throughout this year, he has the strong and powerful Petro Lwa Erzulie Dantor by his side.  Matres Dantor is here in her aspect as defender, she has her knife in her hand and she is ready to stand up and fight for her children, which tells me that there are battles that need to be faught.  This year will not be without challenges in one form or another, but at least we know that we have strong warrior energies at our backs, ready to fight on our behalf.

The year looks as if it will begin with some disappointment.  For many, some progress that they have made in 2012 will look like it has been knocked down, but this is only a small hurdle, and a reminder that small hurdles should not been seen as larger than they are.  This will be reflected in government in Australasia, with the Australian Government still refusing to budge on their current stance on same sex marriage, and in New Zealand with further issues on benefit reformation.  These problems although small of a government level are foundational problems in both societies, and the boundries will need to be redefined if we are got go forward as a united front.

Most importantly this is the year that people have the most power to effect change, alone and in groups.  Those who have a passion must stand up, and must begin to effect the change that they desire, because this is first and foremost a year of individual potential.  For Vodouwizan, this year is strongly influences by Danballa in both his Rada and Petro aspects, and we are reminded that it is not just peace that will bring results.  There will be times when we must STAND UP, straight and tall, and really fight for what we are trying to achieve.  Join a movement to effect social change, because this year it will be your voice that will be heard amongst the shouting.  In particular, I see the issues of equal rights in Marriage for GLBT people in Australia being a huge issue, and in New Zealand we will focus on issues of the family, through addressing Social Welfare issues and interestingly, I see the subject of gay adoption going back on the table for discussion amongst our politicians.  Don’t kid yourself though, there are strong forces opposed to all of these changes, and as a culture, a society and a nation we are going to have to be steadfast if we are going to help each other move forward.

Near the end of the year, I see the potential for real problems.  Governments around the globe have promised to bring troups out of the Middle East, but by the last quarter of the year, it looks like they will still be going back and forth on this issue.  This is another issue that the people are going to have to stand together on, to ensure that all of our troops are brought back safe and sound.  The death count is not over in the Middle East for Australian and New Zealand troops and there are still mothers that will cry themselves to sleep at night asking God to take them instead of their son or daughter.  It is for these mothers that we need to stand up and take control, we need to confront our governments about their fears over “weapons of mass destruction” and call on them to see things with a clearer eye and a more temperate head.  Again Vodouwzian need to come together to petition Erzulie Dantor, asking her help to bring our troops home.

January:  January is a month of reflection for most people.  This is the chance to begin planning for the year head, and to start to really focus on the potential of the year.  This is also the best time to hash out family fueds and get them resolved, ready for the year head.  There is very little political movement going on at this time, so take the time to study the causes and see which team you be Championing for throughout the year.  This is the good time to look at them with a clear head, before the issues get really caught up.  Above all else, spend this time making sure your own house is in order and peaceful heading into the new year with a positive attitude and no unresolved baggage.

February:  Now is the time for action.  Right now is when Agwe’s power is really starting to come into affect and the political influence is starting to open itself up.  If you are going to take political action, now is the time to start writing letters, real emotional based letters as this is an emotional time with all of the water influence.  This is also a great time to think about cleansing and cooling your own head, perhaps by considering undergoing the Lave Tet Ceremony.  Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale is hosting a Lave Tet ceremony in March, check out the details on our website here and contacting us if you are interested in this life changing set of ceremonies.  However, even if you are not called the Lave Tet, you can still focus on ceremonies to cleans you for the moths ahead.  Contact  Houngan Liam if you have any questions about ways in which you can be to experience the powerful cleansing influences that are present throughout this month.

March:  This is month we see Dantor come to the forefront which also means this is the month where we are most likely to need her.  Be careful this month and watch out for trouble in family situations.  In disputes stand your ground, but maintain respect for your elders and always head the advice of yor Mother.  This is also a time to stand up against Violence Against Woman in a political sense.  In 2012 we saw some terrible senseless violence towards woman on a international level, and Dantor calls each of us to take a stand against that violence.  Petition our governments to take a stand against countries that still allow this kind of violence, and find activities in your own community to assist woman who may find themselves in violent situations, especially standing up against domestic violence.

April:  April is a great time for travel, and experiencing new things.  In New Zealand April is going to be a reminder that the natural disasters are not yet over, and although we are not likely to experience another quake like that in Christchurch, we should expect some disasters close to home this month.  If you can get away, make the most of it, and go someplace sunny and warm, and try to avoid controversy as the energy here is certainly with “the man” and the individuals are going to have their voice suppressed this month.  Politically, for those involved in a cause, this is a month for planning rather than action, and remember in that planning that in New Zealand 2014 is an election year, so plan for change!

May: May is another month of potential and in particular for those that are single to find new relationships, and for those that are married or in long term relationships to rekindlesome of the old romance.  Take time out to celebrate romantic events with your partner, and celebrate your love.  This is a great month for weddings this year, and also a good time to continue the fight for marriage equality, showing the strength of love that exists with ALL couples, regardless of sexual orientation.  This is also the strongest month to get that influence into government, and if votes can be taken this month in government, they are likely to be in favour or marriage equality.

June:  Business is what is strongest this month, and if you are planning new business venture, then this would be the time to start to bring it into action, just make sure that you have the right people involved, and that everyone has your same passion, don’t let lazy or unmotivated people bring your project down.  This is also a good time to relook at your own goals from the new year.  Cross of those you have achieved, and develop a plan of attack for the ones that have slipped away on you.  There is a lot of active energy at the moment, and it’s a very hot time, the influence of Ogou Fer is present, and he will assist you to attain goals, just be prepared to work for them!

July:  Not a time to make decisions.  In New Zealand this month is going to be challenging for government as more Social Welfare reforms are discovered by the public and are not liked.  Generally this is not a time of open doors, and decisions made right now are most likely not going to result in walking down an easy road, but rather a very hard one.  Very importantly, watch you finances during July as unplanned spending may end up costing you more than you realise.

August:  This month we see the influence of Daylia in the cards.  This is a good time for those who are going back to study to start making decisions about what they want to study and what they want to achieve with their studies.  For existing students, this will be an important month to start studying for exams, and to start getting resumes out for work once School or University is finished.  It is a time of reflection, not so much of the year, but of your own achievements and in planning what will happen next.  It is generally a quite time, although our long dry summer in the Southern Hemisphere will start to turn into a very ravaging winter and we are encouraged to start preparing for that.  Those that like the out-of-doors should make the most of it now.

September:  Danballa brings himself back into the foreground this month, as it seems he will be needed.  There seem to be issues related to withdrawing troops from the Middle East throughout this month, and it is going to take a calm and cool head from everyone, but also a call to action to get our troops home safely.  Danballa brings this coolness and calmness of the head, not just to the military and their families, but as a reminder to all families to think before they speak, and to avoid drama within the home.  This is particularly important in families, where couples should be uplifted and supported by those around them to ensure longevity in  their relationships.  This is a great time for a couple to go hiking, preferably somewhere near a waterfall to collect water from a waterfall.  Mix this water with herbs associated with luck and wash around the home to bring happiness and tranquility as we head into the Holiday Season.

October:  Danballa remains strongly influential this month, but we welcome Legba here too, and so this is the time to start something new.  Anything that you have been thinking about doing, or planning to start but have not managed to do so, take advantage that Legba is here to open doors and jump in and start something new.  Real Estate is very strong in New Zealand at this time, and the market is turning in Australia as well and so this is the time to purchase property if you have been looking at doing just that.  Legba also offers extra blessings to those who give back to his animal friends, so if you are looking for a project, donate some of your time to an animal shelter, such as the SPCA, even if its only walking dogs for an hour a week … it is a great way to get some extra exercise, and find yourself in Legba’s favour.

November:  This is  going to be a little turbulent.  Financially there are going to be hardships and companies are going to be finding it rough.  There will be lay-offs on both sides of the Tasmin, so this is not the time to move to Australia, but rather to work hard, and make sure that you have some money set aside for Christmas just in case.  On a positive note, rebuilding in Christchurch is well underway and the city is starting to really come into it’s own again as we head towards December, and this is a great time for those looking to return to Christchurch to look for opportunities down there, although housing may still be a little short.

December:  Christmas comes around, and it may not be quite the BBQ weather that we all hope for “down under” but more than that because of the financial stress everyone is going to find this time a little more difficult than usual.  Don’t overspend and remember that Christmas is really all about family and time spent together.  This is a great time to set some goals with your family for the coming year, and try to stay put in family groups without too much traveling. Anyone that can attend Christmas Baths should try and do so this year because there has been a lot of negativity in the last couple of months and you really want to was all of this away to see in the New Year with luck and blessings.

After God, with the Blessings of the Ancestors and the Lwa, may you all have a Happy and Prosperous 2013.