Special Articles and Miscellaneous

Here you’ll find a selection of information, articles, and free downloads.


A Glossary of Terms

Definitions of terms commonly encountered in Vodou, hoodoo, Santeria/Lukumi, and the African Diaspora.
This list is free to distribute as long as the content is credited to Kiwi Mojo.


African Traditional Religions – They Don’t Blend

An article about why you shouldn’t mix elements or confuse the spirits of different African Diaspora traditions.

Reading of the Year

Readings done at Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale for the coming year, or annual readings performed by reputable religious organisations which are hosted here.
2013 (New Zealand)                 2015 (New Zealand)
2015 (Cuba)                             2016 (New Zealand)
*NEW* 2018 (New Zealand)



A link to our page of free downloadable images and .pdf documents.  Includes Catholic novena booklets and images.