Erzulie Freda Paket Kongo

Paket Erzulie Freda. The paket was originally made as part of Mere Paket, Kanzo January 2011. When my husband, PeseVerance Bo Houngan married Freda after the Baptem ceremonies, she gifted him a beautiful paket. Of course time goes along and that paket was smoked stained, and discoloured and she wanted it re-covered. The result was this beautiful bride. Inspired by Freda as my husbands bride, this is truely a bride having her photo’s taken. Her shoes are casually kicked off to the side, she holds her flowers (that are covered with real gold powder) at her side and shows off her ring. The paket is covered in white dupon silk and then again with pink lace. Her head is wrapped in the same pink lace and decorated with ribbons and a pink crown. She is truly a queen fit to be wed 🙂 … Ayibobo Matwes Kay!