Playing Card Fortune Telling

Thomas, Daniel Lindsay Ph.D. and Thomas, Lucy Blayney M.A., Kentucky Superstitions (excerpt), 1920, Princeton University Press.

In the telling of fortunes, the cards have the significations shown below:


Ace: house or home
Two: kiss
Three: short space of time; 3 hours, 3 days, etc,
Four: pleasant crowd; dining, dance, extreme and “mushy” social pleasure
Five: marriage
Six: love
Seven: jealousy
Eight: large number of love affairs
Nine: you get your wish
Ten: extreme love pleasures
Jack: rather blond young man
Queen: rather blond woman
King: somewhat grey elderly man


Ace: introduction
Two: new things in your life
Three: space of time longer than in hearts
Four: crowd; smaller or quieter than in hearts
Five: ring at bell, knock at door, etc.
Six: ride in carriage, motor, etc.
Seven: journey on water
Eight: business transaction
Nine: sure luck (best in deck)
Ten long journey
Jack: rather dark man
Queen: rather dark woman
King: elderly rather dark man


Ace: a letter
Two: very good luck
Three: three pieces of good fortune together
Four: pleasant crowd, less extremely so than in hearts.
Five: diamond ring
Six: money
Seven: conversation
Eight: more money than six
Nine: disappointment
Ten: more money than eight
Jack: young blond man
Queen: extremely blond woman
King: elderly, very white-haired man


Ace: a strange bed
Two: trouble; lie, angry words, etc.
Three: long period of time: three years or more
Four: crowd or sorrow; at accident, fire, etc.
Five: sickness
Six: funeral, death
Seven: tears
Eight: strong drink, d.t.’s
Nine: disaster. Worst card in deck
Ten: loss (not necessarily extreme like other tens)
Jack: extremely dark young man
Queen: extremely dark woman
King: elderly, extremely dark man.

Superstition and tradition says that fortunes told with cards should involve the use of a new deck.