Hoodoo at Kiwi Mojo

Kiwi Mojo has two in-house rootworkers, Houngan Liam and Dorian.

Houngan Liam lived in the USA for several years, and had the opportunity while there to study with several practicing rootworkers in New York and Florida.  He has travelled in the Deep South, speaking with and learning from many root doctors along the way.  Deciding to take his hoodoo education in a more formal direction, he became the first student from Australasia to complete the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo and Rootwork Correspondence Course.

Dorian began studying hoodoo while still in high school, and has a thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of the tradition.  He has researched a number of early accounts of the hoodoo/conjure/rootwork tradition, and has a great respect for its early practitioners and innovators.  He also spent a great deal of time at former Christchurch store ‘Inspirations’, the only stockist of hoodoo herbs, condition oils and other supplies in New Zealand at the time, learning from the well-traveled owner.

Until meeting each other, both Houngan Liam and Dorian believed they were the only practitioners of hoodoo in New Zealand.  They have since combined their talents and knowledge, and continue to work with and learn from one another.


What Can Hoodoo Do for You?

Hoodoo is about fixing issues in our everyday lives.  If you need $500 to pay off your electricity and phone bills, hoodoo can get you that money.  If you’re having a run of bad luck, hoodoo can change it into good luck.  If you’re being taken to court, hoodoo can sway the judge to rule in your favour.  If you live in a bad neighbourhood, hoodoo can make sure your house and the people who live there stay safe.  If you own a business, hoodoo can bring you more customers.  If you want love, hoodoo can make you more attractive and both start and maintain relationships.

Hoodoo won’t net you a multi-million dollar lottery win, nor will it make your business into a multi-national corporation overnight.  Above all else hoodoo is practical, and it can help with the achievement of practical goals.  It doesn’t work all on its own, either.  No amount of magical work will get someone a job unless they are out looking for one and sending in applications.  To get your CV noticed, to land an interview, to sweeten a potential employer to hire someone…  These are all things that can be done, and fairly easily.

Hoodoo Services

Kiwi Mojo provides a number of services to those interested in hoodoo, or who wish to engage the services of either Houngan Liam or Dorian as a root doctor.  Our online store carries a number of classic hoodoo products and supplies, and Kiwi Mojo runs a facebook group in which questions and discussion about hoodoo are more than welcome.

Kiwi Mojo focuses primarily on Haitian Vodou, and the majority of the services we offer and the spiritual work we perform are firmly rooted in the Vodou tradition.  We do, however, offer the setting of lights, consultations, custom mojo hands, and other rootworking services to those who are interested.  We have a wide selection of botanical and other curios available to us, from which we can create any number of works or customised items.  Before any serious spiritual work can be done of your behalf, you’ll need to book a reading with one of our rootworkers so we know what best to do for you in your unique situation.


 Hooodoo Supplies

All rootwork performed by Kiwi Mojo uses either well known traditional products, or our own house brand supplies.  We are able to supply both of these to you.  All our house brand products are made with organic herbs and essential oils where possible, and are prayed over while we make them.  We are the only manufacturer and supplier of hoodoo and rootworking oils, powders, curios, and herbs in New Zealand, and we’re proud to be able to make these available in our part of the world.


Available from our online store are:

Chinese Floor Wash
Condition Oils
Fixed Candles
Herbs and Curios
Mojo Hands
Red Brick Dust
War Water
 …and many other items.

We can also create custom items and kits on request.  We offer custom fixed candles and mojo hands through the online store, but can also create other items.  Sachets, sweet jar kits, gris-gris, doll babies, baths, customised powders or herbal blends are all services we can provide.  Email us with your needs or drop us a line through our contact form, and we’ll work with you to supply a unique product tailored to your specific situation.

We also have access to a wide range of wholesale suppliers, and are able to supply most items upon request.  Some of the supplies we can special order include lodestones, lucky statues, curios, containers, etc.  If in doubt, just ask and we’ll do our best to supply you with a product to meet your needs.