Hoodoo, also called conjure or rootwork, is an Afro-American system of folk magic that was and remains common practice through the Southern States of the United States. The practice evolved from a mixture of African, European, and Native American magical practices, and has a heavy religious grounding in Protestant Christianity.  Hoodoo is not a religion, it is a magical practice which makes heavy use of religious elements, as well as relying on a body of unique plant and herb lore.  Most hoodoo workers, also known as conjure doctors, were protestant Christians who attended regular Church on Sundays.  This is reflected in hoodoo where much of the magic makes use of psalms and other biblical verses in their operation.

Hoodoo is magic for everyday.  It is practical, using herbs, roots, and curios along with other everyday items to effect real practical change.  It has many local variations, but the roots and bones of the practice remain the same.  The goal may be more money, to begin a love affair, to be lucky at cards, to get a nasty neighbour to move out, or any other issue that may occur in everyday life.  Hoodoo can and does help with these goals.  It also has a large arsenal of protective magic, and any number of tricks or works that can be performed against an enemy.

Many magical techniques are used in the hoodoo tradition, including the use of baths, candle magic, container spells, both sweetening and souring work, the famous mojo bag, and poppet spells – more commonly (but erroneously) known as the infamous ‘voodoo doll’.

The goals of hoodoo are always to achieve practical change in everyday life.   Like most folk magic, several charms and simple works can be performed by anyone.  However, most people will turn to a root doctor if they need any serious, powerful, or long lasting work performed.

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