Spiritual Baths

The administration of baths is one of the most common treatments in Vodou.  Vodou places great importance on spiritual cleanliness, and baths are an excellent way to improve and maintain good spiritual health.  Baths can be mounted for any number of purposes.  They are often used for healing ceremonies of all kinds, to remove bad luck, to attract good luck, to help with fertility, and for many other situations that may occur in our lives.  The power of a bath should never be underestimated.

A bath is mounted by preparing sacred herbs, fruits, perfumes, herbs and other ingredients which will attract the attention of an appropriate Lwa, and achieve the best possible outcome for the bath.  Many of the recipes used to make baths have been passed down for generations in Vodou houses, and many of these baths have powerful reputations of success.
The bath may be prepared on the point of an individual Lwa or a group of Lwa.  In mounting the bath we will often prepare an altar for the Lwa and make the ceremony of the veve, the ritual drawings that call the attention of the Spirits to the work.  The Lwa is then called into possession of the head of the Houngan or Mambo, and it is the Lwa that will usually perform the bath.  In most cases the recipient of the bath will remain fully clothed throughout the process, although there are exceptions to this rule.
Although baths can be created by an houngan or mambo and sent to an individual to be self-administered, the spiritual heat of an houngan or mambo (or a lwa!) administering the bath makes the experience and effect much more powerful.
Healing bath made on the point of Erzulie Freda

Bath Services at Kiwi Mojo

Kiwi Mojo often runs events in which spiritual baths are administered.  These events are public, and usually involve a lwa being called to administer a bath to bring good luck to all those attending the event.  This may be a specific bath event, or may occur as a part of a fet or other ceremony.  These events are always publicised in advance, on both our website page and on our Facebook page.

Individual Baths

Individual baths are created especially for one person, to solve their particular problem or to help with a specific aspect of their life.  The bath may be a once only event, or there may need to be a series of baths.  They may need to be administered at a specific time or place, and the person receiving the bath may be required to dress a certain way both before and after the bath itself.

Kiwi Mojo’s resident houngans perform this service.  They craft baths particularly suited to the situation of an individual, using a traditional ingredients and recipes.  It is highly likely that the baths will be administered by a lwa, called onto the head of Houngan Liam to perform the task.

Sometimes a bath, or series of baths, will be prescribed during a reading.  Baths can be used to cleanse any negativity from a person, for healing, to attract love, to bring luck, and for any number of other purposes.  If someone would like a bath performed to help them attract a partner (or some fun), they don’t need to book a reading and see what’s necessary.  They can simply request the service.  This goes for any type of bath.  Unless there is a serious issue in your life that needs more specific attention, baths can provide general good fortune in many aspects of life.

To enquire about having a spiritual bath administered, please contact info@kiwimojo.com

If You Can’t Be Here…

If an individual cannot travel to Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale, and if it is impractical for us to travel to that person’s location, we may be able to bottle and send the bath after creating it here.  This is not possible for all baths, as there are a number which must be administered by the hands of an houngan or mambo, or even a lwa.

The baths are still created specifically for the individual, and are prayed over and heated before they are shipped out.  The disadvantage, of course, is that the bath does not carry the same heat or effectiveness as it would had it been administered by an houngan, mambo, or lwa.


Occasionally, we have batches of for sale at our online store, which may be purchased for the listed price plus shipping.

All baths which cannot be administered in person are shipped with complete instructions detailing how to perform the bath at home and how to dispose of the remains.