Lamps and Lights

One of the most common things you will see on any Vodou altar is a lamp or candle.  These may be there for the purposes of magical work, or as an offering to the lwa.  They may be plain, or fixed with herbs, curios, and other items.  Lamps and lights heat up the lwa to work, and they are a very common part of Vodou service and Vodou magical work.

Kiwi Mojo offers a number of lamp and light setting services, from standard lamps through to more complex work.


Setting of Lights

This is the most basic type of work we can perform, and involves burning candles on our altars for your specific purpose.

Burning of Fixed Candles

We offer the opportunity to have our Fixed Candles burned at Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale instead of shipping the candles out to you.  This incurs no additional cost, and all you need to do is ask.  We understand that not everyone is willing or able to keep a candle burning, and we are more than happy to perform this service for those who, for whatever reason, cannot do so themselves.

Other Candle Burning Services

In addition to burning fixed candles, we also offer a range of candle services in the hoodoo tradition, which are available upon enquiry.

We can also burn candles for a specific lwa upon request, and set vigil lights on behalf.  If you wish to enquire about these services, please email

Vodou Lamps

One of the most common, yet most powerful things we have in Vodou are lamps.  Lamps may be set to honour and serve the lwa, or they may be used to work toward a particular request.  Lamps may run for any number of days, but will be prayed over each and every one of those days.

Standard Lamps

Kiwi Mojo offers standard lamps at fixed prices.  This is the type of lamp that can be burned as an offering of thanks to a lwa, or when making a petition to a lwa.  This type of lamp is suitable for working on simple, straightforward requests as well.  These lamps are burned on the altars at Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale, created by Houngan Assogwe and maintained by initiates.  They don’t go out during the time they are being burned.

1 day: $97
3 days: $121
7days: $379

Bear in mind that the longer a lamp is burned, the more heat is created and the more prayer and care it receives.  Therefore, a seven day lamp is much more powerful than a one day lamp, and this should be taken into account when working for a specific goal or petitioning a spirit.  We can maintain a lamp for greater lengths of time if required.  To request or discuss a lamp, please email

Lamps in Travay

Sometimes a lamp will be prescribed as a part of travay, or as a complete work in and of itself.  This type of lamp may contain botanical elements or other curios to enhance the power of the work.  The length of time the lamp burns for is determined when the travay is prescribed, as are any additional elements.  This type of lamp will be prescribed as a travay after a reading, if it is required.




Illuminasyon are, in a way, a Vodouwizan’s bread and butter.  Through an illminasyon we are able to attract the attention of several spirits all at once and petition them for our wants and needs.  It is also an extremely powerful form of magic, as an illuminasyion burns extremely hot.  Usually consisting of at least 7 ti mesh (hand made cotton wicks), these wicks burn strongly and in unison, providing the spirits with a powerful foundation on which to work.  There are several types of illumination that are set in Haitian Vodou.



Illuminasyon Milocan

Illuminasyon Milocan is an illuminasyon set for all the spirits of a persons escort.  This type of illuminasyion is wonderful when you are seeking general assistance, and want to place it in front of all of your lwa.  Prepared and then set atop the veve of milocan, all the spirits of your escort are called, heated and invited to work for the outcome of your petition.

For this type of illuminasyon a veve is traced by the Houngan, the introductory prayers of La Priye Ginen are sung and the spirits called.  During the singing for the spirits, members of Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale prepare the ti mesh for the illumination.  There is a specific reglemen to the creation of ti mesh, right down to which fingers can be used.  As the ti mesh are created, your petition or prayers are also put into the ti mesh.  Once all 7 are correctly prepared, they are placed on a plate to which a combination of oils have been added.  This plate is placed in a larger white enamel cavet, which is half filled with water, and sometimes other items as well, and then presented to the lwa with your petition.  It is prayed over, saluted and placed atop of the veve where it is left to burn out with the lwa.

Illuminasyon Petro

An illuminasyon Petro is very similar to the Illuminasyion Milocan, except that this illuminasyion is designed to burn hotter, stronger and faster.  Contrary to the name, the illuminasyion can be set for all nations of lwa: Rada, Nago, Petro, and even Ghede.  However, as it is set without water, there is no cooling influence.  The spirits are therefore heated faster, and work much faster towards your goal.  The flip side of this is that after the work is complete you would generally want to offer a service to cool your spirits down.  Kiwi Mojo and Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereayale are able to offer this service on your behalf to ensure that you do not have overheated lwa – which can become a problem.

The Illuminasyon Petro is prepared in a similar method to the Illuminasyon Milocan, but the plate is not placed inside the cavet with water.  Instead it is simply an enamel plate with ti mesh and several oils that relating to the various spirits.  A veve is prepared, and songs sung and the illuminasyon is presented with prayers for your petition.  It will then be prayed over again, before being left to burn out.

Illuminasyon Lwa Yo

Illiminasyon lwa yo is an  illuminasyon which is presented to a single spirit.  This kind of illuminasyon is much less common to perform, although is often used when one wants to make a contact or an agreement with a single lwa.  In this case the veve prepared is for the specific lwa, and after the opening songs of La Pryie Ginen and after Legba, we will continue to sing for and petition this lwa.

The illuminasyon may be prepared either Petro or Milocan Style, depending on the spirit involved. It will again be presented, saluted and (where necessary) the spirit that illuminasyon is for may mount in possession; with an answer, advice, or to sign a contract.  Possession, although always welcome, is not necessarily required.   The terms and requests of this type of illuminasyon are always heard by the spirit.

Kiwi Mojo offer all of these illuminasyon services, which can be discussed by contacting us at