A gad, or guard, is exactly what the name suggests.  It is a guard that protects either a person or a place from anything that may intend to cause it harm; physically, spiritually, or both.  This guard becomes a part of the person or place, something that is carried with them where ever they go.  Everyone can benefit from having gads, either on their person,their place of residence, or place of work.  They provide powerful protection and powerful security.

Personal Gads

The placing of a Gad is a complicated ceremony which take place over several hours.  During this time, songs will be sung to call the attention of the Spirits.  The Gad itself is placed using a secret ceremony, and includes an oath in which it is sworn to keep the ceremony secret.  After the gads are placed, information about how to care for and keep the gad strong will be provided.  Gads need to be cared for, and periodically strengthened at Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale or by one of the Hounfo’s houngan or mambo.

Kiwi Mojo offers most forms of personal gad, those which can be given without initiation or other ceremonies.  We offer gad gilette, a gad where incisions are made in the skin and have have sacred ingredients rubbed into them.  We also offer gad pwen, which are not cut into the skin and are set on the point of a specific gad (a gad, in this case, referring to a type of spirit.)

If you are interested in receiving a gad, please contact to discuss why you need one what your needs are.  We can then perform a reading to determine the best type of gad for you.

House Gads and Gads for Places

Kiwi Mojo can also place gads on buildings, such as homes or places of business.  These gads protect the building from harm exactly as a personal gad would, acting against physical and spiritual harmful activity.  These can be placed in an existing building, or can be placed during the construction process and put into the very framework of the building.

If you would like to have a gad placed upon your home or place of work, please and let us know what type of building you would like protected.  We will then discuss the circumstances, maybe visit the property, and determine the best type of gad for your property.

Placing Gads Remotely

Sometimes it is impossible for a person to visit Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale to receive a gad, or it is impractical for us to travel to them.  It certainly isn’t practical to transport a house.  Gads can, however, be placed from a distance.  Kiwi Mojo are able to perform this service for those who would like a gad, but cannot travel to receive one.

If you would like a gad placed from a distance, you will need to provide us with information and some physical items.  To discuss what this process entails, please email