The Rada Lwa

Cool, White, and Royal, the Rada Nation are the first nation called during any Vodou service.  These Lwa are cool, they are calm, and they are old. The Rada nation find their home in the roots of oldest Africa, Benin and Nigeria, Dahomey and some from areas of Ayiti as well.  It is because they are so calm and cool, refreshed by the cool water which they so love, that they find themselves amongst the Nacion Rada.

The Rada are served in white, with various colours to accent and distinguish them from each other.  Like all nations of Lwa, there are literally hundreds that are served, but through these pages I hope to discuss just those that are most commonly served by everyone, and especially those Lwa that to whom we make fet in our own Sosyete.

Amongst the most popular of the Rada Lwa are:

  • Ounto – The Lwa of the Drums
  • Gran Chemin – The Great Road
  • Papa Legba – Keeper of the Door and Gate
  • Marassa – The Divine Twins
  • Papa Loko – The First Houngan, Father of the Asson
  • Ayizan – The Mother of Initiates
  • Danballa Wedo – Serpent Father, Spirit of Peace and Tranquility
  • Ayida Wedo – The Rainbow Serpent
  • Sobo – Spirit of Prosperity
  • Badet – Lightening
  • Agasou – Powerful and Fraternal
  • Silibo – Beautiful Mistress of White
  • Met Zile
  • Met Agwe – Captain of the Sea
  • Domanyan Agwe
  • La Sirene – Seductress and Queen of the Sea
  • Granne Erzulie – The Grandmother of Love and Beauty
  • Granne Adalayi
  • Granne Halouba – Wise Woman
  • Erzulie Freda – Queen of Love, Beauty, Wealth and Sweetness
  • Klemezin – Who enlightens us in or difficulties and decisions
  • Filomez – The princess of the house, beautiful little sister of Freda, so happy
  • Dereyal – Clean and Pure
  • Lovana – Who washes away our obstacles
  • Manze Marie – Companion of Freda
  • Elizabeth – Dancer in the Royal Court
  • Ceverine – Companion of Freda and La Sirene
  • Jean Laurent
  • Jean Baptist – The Baptiser of Jesus
  • Bossou – The Bull of Power
  • Toro
  • Belecou
  • Agarou – St Michael the Archangel
  • Kouzen Azaka – Spirit of Agriculture

These are only a few of these ancient Spirits, but they are the most popular and most commonly served.   Each has a different nature, and a different function in the lives of the Vodouwizan – practitioner of Haitian Vodou.

We are slowly creating pages for each of the Lwa, if you can click on the lwa’s name as a link it will take you to more information about these beautiful Spirits.