Ogou Feray

Ogou O, wa de zanj
Le m sonje petit an mwen chwal an mwe
Chwal an mwen parenn Ogou chwal an mwe
Le m sonje petit an mwen chwal an mwe

Ogou O, djab-la di lap manje mwen si sre vre?
Pa fout vre
Ogou o, djab la di lap manje mwen si sre vre?
Men gen Bondye, O gen lessen-yo
Djab-la di lap manje mwen sa pa vre
Sa pa vre ti moun-yo se pa vre
Sa se jwet ti moun-yo sa se blag.

Awoche Nago!

Ogou Feray is one of the most popular lwa in Haitian Vodou.  He is well known all across Haiti and finds his roots in the Yoruba nation, where he is called Ogoun.  In Haitian Vodou, Ogou is not a singular spirit, but rather the surname of a group of many spirits that have manifested in Haiti through the Yoruba and Taino rites.  Ogou Feray is perhaps the closest in nature to the Ogoun of the Lukumi/Yoruba traditions in that in he rules over fire, iron, war and blacksmiths.  Aside from this Ogou is raw power, a traditional warrior that likes the things that soldiers like, good rum, cigars, meat, and of course beautiful woman.  To Ogou Feray all woman are the manifestation of beauty and he loves to show off for them.
His love of woman is legendary, and Ogou Feray is known to marry many of his female devotees.  As a husband he is a wonderful protector, keeping his wives safe and well protected.  As the embodiment of strength and courage, he brings these gifts to his wives, and all those who serve him.  He is also a master healer, and although most people associate the machete as a weapon, for Feray it is an implement that can bring both harm and healing.
Ogou Feray healing the ankle of a Fet attendee

Fet Ogou Feray is celebrated on the Feast of St George on April 23rd, and the Ogou Nation is celebrated on the Feast day of the head of that rite, St. James the Greater, on July 25th.  As if to demonstrate is beloved place in the Haitian Vodou reglemen, Ogou Feray is married to the powerful Mother of Haiti, Erzulie Dantor, and he shares many of her associations.  He fights to win, and was influential in the fight against the French which lead to Haiti being the first independent black republic in the world.  He fought alongside his people to assure that the French were driven out of Haitian soil, right alongside his wife.  He is the essence of every fight, and he is present where ever there is war, discord or the manifestation of war.

The greatest celebration of Ogou Feray and the Nago Nation takes place on the Feast of St. James the Greater, July 25th in La Plaine de Nord in Au Cap Haitian.  Every year of 20,000 Vodouwizan from all over the world come to La Plaine to celebrate the Fet of Ogou and St. Jak Majeur.
Whatever you seek from Ogou Feray, you can trust that he will work continually until he wins.  So long as your request is not in conflict with the Divine Will of God, Feray will work tirelessly to grant your request, so long as you make your prayers to him with faith and confidence.  However, not all things will come in your time frame.  Sometimes the spirits like to test us, but they will never neglect us.  Feray does not turn his back on his wives, his children or his devotees.  Maintain faith.
The Kay Ogou at Hounfo racine Deesse Dereyale

Feray is served in the colours red and blue, just like his powerful wife.  He is served with Barbancort 3 Star rum and cigars, and both of these will heat him up to work.  He prefers sacrifices of red roosters, bulls, salted fish and yams.  He is also extremely fond of Boulette [Haitian meat balls], and beans and rice.  He is never without his machete.  One of the most important elements of the service of the Nago Nation and Ogou Feray is the Kay Ogou.  The Kay Ogou [literally meaning House of Ogou] is a fire built around a central pillar of iron.  It is through this fire that the Ogou manifest themselves.  In Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale the Kay Ogou is prepared in a specially designed pot.  This reflects the nature of Ogou, where each thing we give him is given to him by placing it inside the fire.  Often this is a Florida Water based fire, which is also common in Ogou’s healing work.

Ogou Feray walks in escort with the Ogou nation, with his General St. Jak Majuer, the gate keeper of the Nago rite, Osanj, and the various soldiers that make up that rite, including Olisha Nago, Ogou Badagris, Ogou Johnson, Ogou Demanier, Ogou Balomi, Ogou Ge Rogue, Ogou Panama, Ogou Balize, Jean Paul Nago, Brize, Ogou Balendjo and Ogou Achade.
Arochan nago, neg nago di koche
Et aode
Ogou travay yo oui Met Ogou pa manje
Ogou travay yo oui Met Ogou pa manje
Met Ogou sere lagenl poul achete bel mouchoi hiere oh!

Ogou domi san soupe

Ogou travay yo oui Met Ogou pa manje
Ogou travay yo oui Met Ogou pa manje
Met Ogou sere lengnl poul achete bel rechanye hiere oh!
Ogou domi san soupe