Articles and Extras

Here you will find a series of articles, relating to the practice and traditions of Haitian Vodou.  For the most part, these address specific topic or issues which don’t really fit into the other Vodou sections of the website.  They do, however, shed light upon Haitian culture, Vodou in practice, and why things are the way they are within the religion.



A Home Altar for the Lwa

An article about creating and maintaining and altar in the home for the Lwa of Haitian Vodou.  Includes instructions on how to prepare a space to become an altar, and a photo essay illustrating how you might go about creating such a space in your own home.


End of Year Cleansing: The Christmas and New Year Baths

Information on the celebration of the Christmas period in the Vodou tradition, the baths that are performed during this time, and why those traditions exist.


Haitian Vodou and Transsexualism/Transsexuality

A direct rebuttal to a loud and often quoted ‘mambo’ who asserts that transgendered people don’t exist and have no place in Vodou.  Here’s what the lwa and genuine members of the priesthood have to say on the matter, and some information on queer rights in Haiti and the inclusiveness of Vodou.


Prayer 101: How to Pray in Haitian Vodou

A guide to prayer in Vodou, including the opening Catholic prayer, how to pray to the lwa who walk with you (even if you don’t know who they are), and how to pray on behalf of someone else.


Why do I have to Pay for That? What’s Free, What Isn’t, and Why in Haitian Vodou

People unfamiliar with the African and African Diaspora traditions are often also unfamiliar with the role a priest or priestess takes in society and how they make their living, and are therefore unused to the concept of them charging for their services.  This explains the concept, and what you get when you pay.



Houngan Liam’s AMA

A transcript of the Reddit Ask Me Anything thread where Houngan Liam answered questions about Vodou.