Putting the Right Foot Forward: A Personal Experience Starting Out in Vodou

The first thing I said when I read what “Haitian Vodou” is – I told myself, “I am never going to do this ever!”  Little did I know this was a part of my destiny.

The spirits for me didn’t show up in my dreams or in my life. It all started with an intense feeling that I have to put up a altar to Legba.

Getting it wrong: Before I knew what Vodou was or how to serve Legba correctly

I was doing everything wrong and doing things that go against the reglemen (even though to this day I don’t exactly know it), meddling with things I shouldn’t.  I started serving Legba in a way that was not correct, and also picking which spirits I choose and not the other way around.  At that time I was serving spirits that was I had no business serving, like Ayizan and Loko. Other spirits I chose because I liked them for the facade that the internet created for the spirits.

I never really understood what simple was because I always want to run and do it fully instead of starting small, simple and slow.

Getting it wrong: spirits I have no business serving, with incorrect offerings.

I met through the interwebs a wonderful spiritual parent who has taught me so very much.  I had gotten a reading from him which not only revealed where I needed to be but also what the spirits had in store for me.  It was a reality check.  And it brought forth the important messages and advice the spirits had for me.

Receiving these messages opened up the door slowly of which the spirits entered my life. My first experience with a spirit to this day I remember was a particular spirit showed up in my dreams.   I knew which spirit it was, and went to my Papa he confirmed it right away what this dream was. So far this has been a powerful and a beautiful thing for me to experience.

Getting it right: providing Legba with the correct offerings and accoutrements according to the reglemen of our house

As  time went by my spirits came more closely into my life and have revealed so many things and have laid before me a path of which I chose to walk on. The lwa have really helped me so very much. whenever I call to them they come. whenever I had a problem they saw it and it was solved within days. They saw I needed help and came to my aid. To this day I have had a great and positive experience, and even so the spirits show me sides of them that you wont read in any book or in any video.

My advice to anyone that doesn’t know this tradition is don’t judge it because you don’t understand it. Research this tradition. Look for a reputable priest and a Vodou house, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


This has been a guest blog post by Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale member Christopher Tromp

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