A Tribute to Mambo La Belle Deesse

August 23rd 20171, a great tree fell. Not just a great tree, but the greatest tree we’ve ever known. Labelle Deesse Senior, spiritual Mother of Houngan Liam and Houngan Aliastair, the greatest Mambo they have ever met; began her journey to Allada.

Labelle Deesse was remarkable. She had such love, such compassion, such knowledge and such wisdom. She was kind, but knew how and when to put her foot down. She loved her Spirits fiercely, and they loved her. She was a force in Vodou, seeking unity and fighting for Vodou to have it’s place in a world that didn’t understand it.  She opened her home and her heart to all her children, whether they were of her body or her spirit; and her love reached acrossoceans to touch the hearts of Vodouwizan all around the globe.

Hounfo Racine Deesse Dereyale send our love and prayers to Labelle Deesse Junior, Patience Soulager Minfo Bonmanbo, and all of the children and grandchildren of Labelle Deesse Senior. No matter how much we loved her and how close to her we were – your loss is so great, and we want you to know that our prayers, our support and our love are with you.

To all the Vodouwizan in Haiti and around the world, we feel keenly the same loss you all do, as a great unifying figure has disappeared from us.  The loss of our mother is a loss for all of Vodou.  Allada can rejoice, because a great Mambo is coming home, one whom the spirits love and who loves them in return. Her beauty will continue to be a light in the Spiritual World, but here we will need to dry our tears and learn to look again to see that light.


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